Blogs  |  6.15.2020

A Message from Our Leadership

Challenger Center was built on the legacy of the Challenger 51L crew – Seven diverse Americans committed to inspiring students and exploring space for the betterment of humanity. We carry that mission forward by providing students with opportunities to work together with their classmates to meet a common goal and make their mission a success. Space missions, whether real or simulated, can only be successful if everyone works together.

It has been a painful time for our nation. Black Americans continue to face racism, discrimination, and injustice. Now more than ever, the skills we emphasize to our students – communication, collaboration, and problem-solving – are the same skills we need to transform our society into one where everyone is treated equally, regardless of the color of our skin.

Across the nation, students of all backgrounds experience our programs. These students are our future leaders. We will continue to provide them with inspiration. We will continue to open their eyes to new skills and abilities and encourage them to reach for the stars. And we commit to doing this while demonstrating equality, respect, and compassion for all.

– Robert Curbeam, Chairman of the Board, Challenger Center
– Lance Bush, President and CEO, Challenger Center