Blogs  |  5.9.2019

Blue Origin Club for the Future

On May 9, 2019, Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos hosted an exclusive event in Washington, DC to share his vision to go to space to benefit Earth. Challenger Center partnered with Blue Origin, bringing 40 DC-based students to witness this historic moment. The students were also given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact personally with Mr. Bezos.

In addition to announcing the Blue Moon lunar lander, Bezos announced the establishment of the Club for the Future, a nonprofit founded by Blue Origin dedicated to inspiring and engaging the next generation of dreamers and space entrepreneurs. The Club will bring together K-12 students, educators and leaders for campaigns and initiatives utilizing Blue Origin’s unique access to space. The Club’s first activity will be to send a postcard to space and back on a future New Shepard mission—the first ever space mail.

Learn more about how to spend a postcard to space and become a part of the Club for the Future at