Blogs  |  1.14.2019

Challenger Center Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Challenger Center

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Challenger Center a $976,719 grant to develop and pilot two new Classroom Adventures, Challenger Center’s new classroom-based STEM programs. The grant also provides funding to pilot a new version of the first Adventure created, Aquatic Investigators.

Delivered by teachers, Classroom Adventures bring Challenger Center’s unique simulation experience to the students in their classroom. The online program’s flexible design allows for easy implementation by classroom teachers. In addition to a computer-based simulation, each Adventure will include an engineering challenge and a writing activity.

These new programs, designed for 3rd to 5th grade classrooms, have earth, life, and physical science themes. Aquatic Investigators challenges students to find out why the Hawaiian monk seal is moving from its original habitat. In doing so, students are introduced to our oceans ecosystems and the forces that impact the health of our oceans. The two new Adventures in development will introduce students to rock formations and fossils, weathering and erosion, and the life cycle and structure of plants.

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