Blogs  |  5.4.2021

Challenger Center Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, we recognize teachers for their unwavering commitment to students around the world as they continue to face unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saying that classroom learning has been disrupted would be an understatement. In the past year, at least 9 out of 10 students worldwide experienced disruption from the pandemic. But one thing stayed the same – the commitment of our teachers! Through it all, teachers adapted to change, supported their students, the parents, and one another, and continued the incredibly important work of educating our future innovators and leaders.

“Last March, in what seemed like an instant, schools closed. Students were sent home, and teachers were expected to pivot to teaching online. During a time when everyone was scared and everything seemed increasingly hard, it has been teachers who have kept their calm and provided a sense of normalcy to our students.” said Lance Bush, president and CEO, Challenger Center. “Despite the challenges of this past year, teachers continued to prioritize students and change lives for the better. Their ability to adapt to changing environments and new technologies, all while continuing to teach, is inspirational. We’re so grateful for all that teachers do and look forward to continuing to support them as they educate learners around the world!”

At Challenger Center, every week is Teacher Appreciation Week because five days simply isn’t enough time to thank them for all that they do. We’re honored to work alongside teachers and help shape the future!

Please join us in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by thanking a teacher that has made a special impact on you.

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