Blogs  |  9.30.2021

Challenger Learning Centers Welcome Students Back for Missions!

After quite some time apart, Challenger Learning Centers across the country are welcoming students back into Mission Control for Center Missions! The thrill of their launch to the Spacecraft, hands-on activities, and communication skills will once again be on full display during our exciting space missions.

At Challenger Learning Center of Las Cruces, Luis Torres brought his sixth-grade science class to the Center to experience Expedition Mars. “They don’t say science is boring so much anymore,” said Mr. Torres “I can see they really start loving science…It’s an awesome field trip with a lot of hands-on for them.”

Teachers are eager to get students back into Challenger Learning Centers, as bookings for Center Missions have steadily increased throughout Fall.  “Seeing kids’ wonder and blossoming self-efficacy never gets old, and more than a year away from that was tough! The social-emotional message of our missions – persevering together through tough situations and finding creative pathways to success – seems even more appropriate and impactful after this challenging time. Kids need those kinds of quality learning experiences now more than ever,” said Libby Torbeck, Flight Director at the Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois.

Center Missions aren’t the only things relaunching at Centers. As the local STEM education headquarters in their communities, Centers are using after school camps, STEM fairs, planetarium shows, and more to engage and excite kids.

For schools and organizations that are unable to make the trip to Centers just yet, Flight Directors are continuing to lead our Virtual Missions, Destination Mars and Destination Moon. Whether in Centers, in the classroom, or in their own homes, Challenger Center is prepared to meet teachers’ and students’ needs wherever they’re learning.