Blogs  |  7.29.2022

Live Conversation with Astronaut Bob Hines Aboard the International Space Station

Yesterday, Challenger Center, 7 Challenger Learning Centers from across the country, and Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) hosted a live conversation with Astronaut Bob Hines aboard the International Space Station via amateur radio.

Approximately 100 viewers joined the live stream of the event on Challenger Center’s YouTube channel, while more than 200 campers and local community members attended the in-person component of the event at

Campers asked Astronaut Bob Hines questions related to space exploration, life aboard the space station, and scientific research in space, like “What’s the most exciting thing you discovered in space?” and “Who inspired you to go to space and possibly the moon?”

Check out Astronaut Bob Hines’ answers:

Summer 2022 Challenger Center ARISS Contact Event Recording

During the event, students were taught about amateur radio—also known as ham radio—and how an ARISS contact is executed through amateur radio. They also received video messages from former astronauts Barbara Morgan and Scott Parazynski, as well as current NASA systems engineer, Sirina Nabhan.

Check out the full recording of the live-streamed event: