Blogs  |  6.27.2016

Partnering with Software Companies for Greater Impact

Challenger Center

SAP, a market leader in enterprise application software, has been a Challenger Center partner since 2013.  SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission is to equip the world’s youth with skills they need to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy, and they have a special focus on STEM education.

In 2014, Challenger Center decided to upgrade our technology for collecting impact data from our 42 Challenger Learning Centers worldwide.  SAP connected us with its partner, Reveal (formerly expertIG), who built a robust new cloud-based data collection system using SAP technology.  SAP also graciously donated 40 laptops, which Challenger Learning Centers use to input data into the new system.  Since launching the system in March 2016, we already have a better picture of who we are serving and how we are serving them than we’ve ever had before.  We continue to work with Reveal to build business reports and other enhancements so that we can assess and share the impact we have around the world.

All of this work and the technology has been provided pro bono, enabling us to channel financial contributions from people like you toward other needed program elements.