Blogs  |  6.26.2017

Taylor Young Alumni Profile

Name: Taylor Young

Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville (anticipated in May 2021)

When did you first visit a Challenger Learning Center? I first visited a Challenger Learning Center for a camp during the summer before first grade.

What do you remember the most from your experience at the Center? Having fun learning about science. Throughout all of the camps that I went to the center kept us engaged and interested while also providing a stellar introduction to STEM.

Have you always been interested in science and math? I don’t know about always, but at least since early elementary school and I believe that the Challenger Learning Center at Paducah played a big part in that.

Do you have an early memory of a time when realized how much you liked these subjects? It’s hard to pick out any particular memory because all throughout my childhood I participated in and explored things related to science, from reading books about dinosaurs to going to the Challenger Center to visiting the Smithsonian Museums.

How did the Center inspire you to take STEM-related classes? It showed me the more hands-on aspect of science that one doesn’t necessarily get in the classroom and kept learning interesting which really piqued my interest in STEM early on. It is because of this that I went on to take several AP courses and attend the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Do you/did you have a mentor during high school? During my senior year I conducted chemistry research at Western Kentucky University and had Dr. Yan as my research mentor for that, he provided guidance for my research and helped my explore chemistry in a very hands-on and detailed way.

What are your plans after graduation? Do you know what you plan to major in? I plan on majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering, I also plan on minoring in German.

What’s your dream job? Where would you like to be professionally in 10 years? My dream job is to be a chemical engineer working on energy storage and production. In ten years, I would like to be working as an engineer in energy research and development.

What other activities are you involved in? What do you like to do in your free time? One big activity that I got involved in last year that I’ve found to be a great experience is research and that’s something I plan to continue. I also enjoy working with kids and have volunteered at a Challenger Center as well as volunteering as an elementary school tutor and at other STEM-focused camps.

In one sentence, how would you describe a Challenger Learning Center? A Challenger Learning Center is a fantastic opportunity to the children in its community and a great service to the future.


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