Blogs  |  8.9.2021

Washington, DC Students Fly Destination Moon

We wrapped up the 2020-2021 school year by giving a group of D.C. students the chance to experience Destination Moon, one of our two new Virtual Missions, and chat with a real-world engineer.

Our talented team of Flight Directors from the Challenger Learning Center of Maine led the students through the virtual experience as they were tasked to launch and fly Blue Origin’s reusable launch vehicle, New Glenn, and land on the Moon’s surface using Blue Origin’s lunar lander, Blue Moon, for a cargo mission. The students worked together to solve problems, collect data, and successfully complete the mission!

Thanks to our partner, Club for the Future, the students were then joined virtually by Blue Origin’s Christine Reilly. Christine talked about the mission the students completed and shared the story of her STEM career path and how she came to be an Engineer at Blue Origin.

The students who participated in Destination Moon are members of Capitol City Robotics, a nonprofit organization that provides underrepresented students access to engaging STEM education through robotics engineering and computer science. Among its many accolades, three student teams recently won awards at the VEX Robotics World Championship. The Capitol City Robotics students who participated in Destination Moon were among the inaugural members of Club for the Future when invited to attend a special event hosted by Blue Origin in 2019.