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Bring STEM to life—right in your classroom.

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Grade Level 3-5

Various Topics

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Expand your students’ horizons.

Designed by teachers for teachers, Classroom Adventures is a suite of digital experiences that delivers STEM content in the context of real-world scenarios. Students practice critical 21st century skills including teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving, while exploring topics within life science, Earth science, and engineering themes.

From the moment the Classroom Adventures Commander delivers their briefing, your classroom turns into a real-world STEM workplace centered around a student-driven, teacher-facilitated experience.

Kick off your science unit with our interactive Aquatic Investigators, Dirt Decoders, and Nature Rangers simulations, where students experience real-world STEM careers, and are placed into teams to conduct research and collaborate to find solutions to urgent challenges.

Then, integrate our engineering activity and nonfiction science writing exercise where it fits best to continue students’ understanding of the engineering design process and scientific communication.

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“Classroom Adventures engaged our students, while also meeting Standards of Learning requirements. It’s a STEM education goldmine!”

– Jesse Blackstock, Madison Schools (Virginia)

Program Impacts

  • STEM Career Awareness: Increase student awareness of STEM careers

  • STEM Identity: Develop student sense of belonging in STEM

  • STEM Engagement: Develop student engagement in STEM

  • STEM Self-Efficacy: Develop student feeling that they can “do STEM”

  • 21st Century and Social-Emotional Learning Skills: Develop student communication, collaboration, and problem solving abilities

  • Approximate program time: 1 hour

  • Pre- and post-lesson activities available

  • Closed captioning available

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned

  • Internet connection required

  • Device with audio/video capability required

  • No personal student data collected

  • Online teacher training available

In Partnership

Classroom Adventures was developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation.