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Apollo to Artemis and Beyond

Explore the history and science behind traveling to the Moon.

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Grade Level 3-8


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Why are we going back to the Moon 50 years after Apollo?

The last time humans went to the Moon was in 1972 as part of NASA’s Apollo program. Now, we’re preparing to go back through Artemis. The goal of this lesson is to help students understand the history of NASA’s Moon exploration efforts and the new Artemis mission to return to the Moon for the first time in 50 years.

Expand your science unit with our interactive Apollo to Artemis and Beyond extension lesson. Students will be introduced to NASA’s Moon exploration program to learn why NASA is returning with the Artemis missions and what that means for the future of space exploration.

Then, integrate our post-lesson language arts/writing, gaming, and art activities.

This lesson and corresponding activities are designed to be used in both formal and informal education settings.

  • Understand the history of NASA’s Moon exploration programs

  • Understand the importance of the Artemis program and its goals

  • Enhance scientific vocabulary

  • Approximate program time: 45-55 minutes

  • Pre- and post-lesson activities available

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned

In Partnership

Artemis World extension lessons are based upon work in partnership with Minecraft Education and NASA. Any opinions, findings, conclusions and/or recommendations expressed in this material are those of Challenger Center and do not necessarily reflect the views of Minecraft Education and/or NASA.