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What Does it Take to Make a Winning Team?

Exploring how teamwork is crucial to mission success.

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Grade Level 3-8


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Teamwork makes all the difference

The crews of Artemis II and III will be very diverse groups of astronauts. Each individual will bring different life experiences and backgrounds to their roles, which is important for building a successful team. This is especially important when working in space where astronauts have to live together in a small space for a long time. It’s crucial to understand and bring out the best in each other to make the mission a success!

Expand your science unit with our interactive Teamwork extension lesson. Students are introduced to astronauts and learn about their varied backgrounds and interests. They’ll share what they learned in small groups and work together to compile a list of skills they think astronauts need to be a good teammate.

Then, integrate our post-lesson language arts/writing and art activities.

While this lesson primarily focuses on engineering themes, it also integrates Earth and space science topics. This lesson and corresponding activities are designed to be used in both formal and informal education settings.

  • Collaborate in groups to learn about what it takes to be a successful astronaut team

  • Enhance scientific vocabulary

  • Approximate program time: 50 minutes

  • Pre- and post-lesson activities available

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned

In Partnership

Artemis World extension lessons are based upon work in partnership with Minecraft Education and NASA. Any opinions, findings, conclusions and/or recommendations expressed in this material are those of Challenger Center and do not necessarily reflect the views of Minecraft Education and/or NASA.